Spring 2013 – Fringe

Weekend Wear
As with most beautiful things in life, fringe is something that can be quickly overkill. But if worn in moderation, and with taste, fringe can be the perfect way to add echo to your bounce this season.  I look at fringe as one of the most musical styles. It’s a silent orchestra as it swings and flips against your body. It’s eye-catching without being an eye-sore, and it’s lyrical without being loud.
Any wandering spirit should have at least one piece of fringe in her closet.
I have some advice on wearing fringe. Of course, you didn’t really ask for it and that makes my advice unsolicited. And as with any piece of advice, it’s not written in gold on some magical stone that seals the fate of the world, or anything. It’s just advice.
  • A bohemian spirit is not limited to the young, so don’t let your age stop you from giving fringe a try this spring – give in to that inner gypsy !!
  • Too many statement pieces on an outfit is like too many divas in a room. No one knows where to look and they just end up confused. Fringe is a statement, in and of itself, and it should be worn minimally.
  • Keep the amount of colors in your ensemble limited, and minimize accessories.
  • And finally – I cringe even as I say this because I know I sound like my mother, but … it is true … nothing destroys style more than drooping shoulders.

Do you like the outfit I’ve styled, above? If so, feel free to check out these links, below. They’ll take you to the sites where you can make these pieces a part of your own wardrobe.

Wander with purpose, and anchor only to love.