Crop Top Style

Crop Top Style
Fringe has made a come-back, this Spring. I’ve posted this to give an idea of what has been seen on the runway. This gorgeous piece of art is a Marios Schwab sandal and if you can afford it, I envy you deeply. I’m keeping my eye out for a shoe inspired by this sandal, but sits more in my budget. If you find one, let me know !!
There was a lot more fringe seen on the runway for this season. Much of it can be found on this great blog:
I love this modern touch on vintage; romantic, but with a presence that stands independently.
If you are a lucky woman who can afford these pieces, you can find them by clicking on their images, below. (The bandeau top is reasonable, but I’m afraid the rest of it is more of a castle in the sky for me.) Enjoy!
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